in case you were wondering...

i wish i was a greaser.

(i've never told anyone this, because what's so special about greasers? (after all they're just greasy-haired hoodlums, right?))

personally, i like to think i would make one heck of a greaser. i wouldn't be the kind to raise trouble. i'd be the silent one in the back, who keeps a *cigarette tucked behind his ear, and says "stay gold" to all the other greasers. i'd be the "designated driver" when our gang went to parties. and i would only ever use a switchblade to do things like carve trees, or whittle soap. i wouldn't need to be fancy, just give me a leather jacket, white t-shirt, and jeans. i would definitely tuck a mini comb into the back pocket of my jeans, (because mini things are my favorite. (needless to say, i would never admit that to my greaser-buddies. (it kinda ruins the whole strong-silent type i was going for.)))

*just for show, because lung cancer, obv.


i thought that presenting one of my life long ambitions would be a good way to introduce myself, and kick-off the blog, but, i suppose we'll see how i feel about it in the morning.

i plan on staying gold as long as possible.
i hope you do too.
suzy eloise.


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